Sunday, April 24, 2011

Frosthammer- The Cold Wind Of Eternity

The Cold Wind Of Eternity marks Frosthammer's fifth release. Rather than making a big leap like they did with the past release they choose to expand the sound that we were all introduced to with Imagery Of the Forgotten Realm. This serves up a plentiful amount of melodies and keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. Prepare yourself for a feast of very dense and epic music.

There is very little on this demo that can even be considered black metal. Every single moment here is chock full of melody and it isn't often that you hear the guitar come into play. The atmosphere here is dark and mellow for the most part but every now and then the band does burst into an aggressive state. A solid example of this would be on the track "Where the Northern Wind Doth Blow Part 3 Abandoned In A Forest Of Wolves", the song starts with what is probably the most relaxing sound featured but not long after they explode into one of the more violent moments they have recorded. Sections like these keep the album from becoming dull and keeping hold of the listeners attention.

Another thing that is dominant on this album is the clean vocals. Throughout the string of releases it has been apparent that Frosthammer has added more and more each time. The clean vocals sound good and certainly fit the direction they have went in well. That isn't to say there are no harsh vocals. The unique raspy call is still used on occasion during the playtime of The Cold Wind Of Eternity. They also incorporate some spoken word parts, something that I am not normally a fan of but in the case of this record they work well.

Overall those who enjoyed Imagery Of the Forgotten Realm will probably enjoy this. Those who were turned off by the bands previous effort most likely won't be awed by this one. It is obvious that Frosthammer have found their sound with this release. Rather than releasing something that is filled with moments that one could say "Hey this reminds me off that song from (insert band name here)!" Frosthammer have chosen to put out something with a signature sound. Recommended for fans of music that, to put it simply just give off a dark vibe. It is almost hard for me to this metal but whatever it is, it's good in my book.

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