Friday, May 20, 2011

Stoic Dissention- Senium

Stoic Dissention is a sludged out black metal band from the United States. The band churns out some of the most dense yet enchanting music that has been put out in quite some time. Incorporating enough twists and turns to hold the listeners attention the entire playtime Senium definitely proves to be a high quality release. This EP consists of 4 (actual) songs and clocks in at just under 40 minutes, within that time not a dull moment is brought to the surface.

The atmosphere throughout this release is very thick. The band utilizes the use of a slow, brooding pace and lets every note fully sink into the listener before moving on to the next. The previously mentioned vibe the music gives of is what really makes this album so brilliant. Stoic Dissention's music contorts into a wide variety of emotions but be warned that none of them are the good kind. Senium is an endless void of gloomy soundscapes that tries it's best to pull the listener in at any and all cost.

The vocal style used here is very wretched. It consists mostly of high pitched shrieks that match the dreadful atmosphere that is set with the instruments quite well. The guitar playing is crushing when it needs to be but also smooth and beautiful when it is called for. Unlike many bands that fall into the category of black metal Stoic Dissention isn't afraid to broaden their horizons and take risks when it comes to their musical output. The album has a fairly diverse selection of sounds throughout and it stays extremely entertaining from start to finish.

The long track lengths may turn certain people off. With that being said even those who aren't fans of 5+ minute tracks should give this a shot. Even the songs that break 9 minutes seem to fly by in no time. All of these good qualities can be lead back the well written music that this release is filled with. It seems the band has everything down perfectly, the tone, riffs, atmosphere, and rhythms all work together in making this release the best it can be.

Overall Stoic Dissention have created an excellent, haunting EP. There is a wide enough variety of styles mixed into the band's sound that many fans of all types of metal should be able to embrace. Senium gets inside your head and turns all good thoughts into fear and doubt. Highly recommended to all fans of black metal, doom metal, or anything post. After the first listen you'll find yourself coming back for more and more.

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