Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Troglodyte- Welcome To Boggy Creek

Troglodyte is a neandercore band that has been steadily slaying audiences since 2007. This is their first release since their debut demo which was put out in 2008. Surely everyone who has ever attended a Trog show has been awaiting the release of this album and I won't hesitate to say that it most definitely is not a letdown. If you are one of the people who automatically writes off the band due to there masks you are missing out on some of the heaviest, balls out death metal that has hit the scene in quite some time.

Given the band and album name and the appearance of the members it should not be hard to figure out what Trog is all about. Bigfoot and other big hairy creatures prove to be the main topic of the lyrics on Welcome To Boggy Creek. Those who say catchy death metal is no good should give this album a listen. At about the halfway point they will die a little inside as they realize just how wrong they were. Sission's vocals are delivered brutally and somehow remain fairly easy to decipher. The style used throughout consists of many variations of the elusive sasquatch grunt and it would be a drastic understatement to simply say it "fits the style well", because when laced with the all out instrumental assault it ends in the listener feeling as though they have been curbstomped by the bigfoot himself.

Riedel's playing featured on the album is mostly riff based. It is clear that he isn't going out of his way to blow your mind with an insane amount of technicality but he also isn't chugging from start to finish. When Trog slow things down the listening experience gets really interesting. The track "Hit By the Hendersons" includes some of the best riffs on the album during the slower sections. The tone used is thick and crushing but also very sharp and piercing when it is called for. Wilson's kit abuse adds an aggressive touch to the overall sound. When all is said and done this blend of downright sickening metal turns out to be the perfect soundtrack for the almighty bigfoot stocking his victim through the foggy landscape that he calls home.

Overall Troglodyte's debut full-length is sure to win over some new fans. They went into the studio with all cylinders firing and it clearly paid off in the long run. Though nothing is quite like being at a Troglodyte show this album gets about as close as possible to that level of quality. This twenty six minute tour of Boggy Creek is without a doubt an experience that is worth having multiple times, that is if you make it out alive your first visit. Fans of brutality and death metal look no further, the beating you are looking for is right here. The only complaint that could possibly be made is that the release ends too soon, but as they say, quality over quantity.

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  1. Troglodyte rules!!!!!!
    Killer Bigfoot Metal!!!!!