Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Sledgehammer was one of the first shot on video slasher flicks to come out and it along with a few others set the trend for many of the gore infested cheesy movies we all know and love today. Fans of bottom of the barrel shot on video cheese will have a field day with this. Those unfamiliar with these types of films will most likely be left scratching their heads in disbelief (and hell even those familiar with the style most likely will) but regardless it would be difficult to deny the cult following this film has gained in the decades since it's original release. The prices the VHS copies of this film go for speak for themselves.

The film opens up with a young boy being thrown in the closet by a woman who then proceeds to have sex nearby. The boys mom and the man are soon killed. We then flash to present time and a group of rowdy young adults are staying in the house that all of these events took place in. Not long after the visitors get all the food fighting out of their system and settle into their new surroundings a man with a gigantic sledgehammer begins to terrorize them. This is when the movie really begins to pick up. Is the sledgehammer wielding maniac the kid? Or a towering adult? Where did he receive these supernatural powers? Why do all doors in this movie open in slow-mo? Sledgehammer will have you aching to find the answers to these questions and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many factors in this movie that make it very surreal. One of which may be the excessive use of slow motion. This effect is most notable towards the beginning of the movie when one of the couples is walking playfully, that sounds like a pretty average scene when described briefly but when it is shown in extreme slow-mo the scene feels completely insane. Moments like this pop up a few times in the movie and they are so odd it is hard to believe they even exist. By reading this many of you may think this movie is horrendous, and sure, by some or most peoples standards it is, but for the fans of bogus amounts of cheese this movie is like a godsend. 

The movie can be slow at times (literally), but when it does pick up the amount of insanity that ensues is sure to make you forget about all the problems it has. Obviously Sledgehammer was made on a very low budget. Viewers who need a polished picture and star studded cast need to stay way the hell away from this. Considering this being Intervision's first official release though they did an exceptional job. The special features are plentiful and the picture quality isn't horrible either it is about equivalent in quality to a nice vhs. 

Overall it is hard to deny that with a couple of friends and some alcohol Sledgehammer is a blast. Even when you are not inebriated the movie is an unbelievable amount of fun. It is astounding that it took so long for this cheese encrusted gem to make it's way to dvd but I can speak for the entire horror community when I say it's about damn time! Hopefully if this release does well Intervision will continue releasing excellent horror. They certainly came out of the gate with a good one!

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  1. Never been a big fan of shot on video stuff but always wanted to see this one. One day I will find a print of this thing for a resonible price.