Friday, July 15, 2011

Reign Of Vengeance Interview

Reign Of Vengeance's new album "Disemboweling Swine" was released July 7th, 2011 on Brain Damage Music. In this interview we get Tommy Gibbons and Marshall "Fucking" Beck's thoughts on the new album, the drummer situation, and horror among other things.

Foul Feast- Could you tell us a little about how the band came about?
Marshall- REIGN OF VENGEANCE was originally started by Mark Kozuback from Vehemence and myself with the intentions of doing one concept album "Revenge By Bloodshed" and not performing live shows. After Mark's departure, Tommy and I decided to carry the band onwards and write another album.  REIGN OF VENGEANCE has since written and recorded the"Disemboweling Swine" album and has done many extremely brutal,bloody, gore packed live shows.

FF- Paulicelli recently left his spot in the band as drummer. Did you guys part ways on good terms? Also, how are you going about finding a replacement?

Marshall- Yes, we are still on good terms with Paulicelli.  Samus is an extremely busy guy.  However, we would still drink beers and chill with the dude if we ever crossed paths.  The band is simply moving onward for its own progress.

FF- How have things been going in terms of doing gigs lately?

Marshall- We have been doing well with that up to this point but not as steadily as planned.  It will be much easier to perform and tour constantly once we have our new and fully committed drummer.  When we do get ourselves onstage we put on the most bloody and intense live show in death metal that I'm aware of.  

FF- How does the experience in this band compare to past or current experiences in other bands?
Tommy- Well first off this is a pro band no local yocal bullshit!....... I guess what I'm trying to say is most local bands want the rewards without doing the work. They want to get paid when they bring no one to shows and they think if they become local heroes it makes them bigger than everyone else. Working with local yocals was a pain in my ass. They never wanted to tour, never wanted to pitch or help out in anyway. It's pretty pathetic.

 FF- When did the writing process for Disemboweling Swine begin?

Tommy- I'd have to say about a year and a half to two years ago.

FF- A good portion of your music is very complex. When writing the record was it more of a group effort or did everyone write their own parts?

Tommy- I wrote the song structures, pre-productions, and formats. Then Nick and Samus came out and recorded their parts around the structures. 
Marshall wrote the lyrics and concepts.

FF- Do you like how the album has turned out and the response it has gotten so far?

Marshall- We are very satisfied with how the album has turned out.  That is all that matters. We do not care about the response.

FF- What are you hoping to achieve with this project in the next couple of years?

Marshall- We look forward to touring extensively and writing more music.  Those are the plans, those are the goals, they will be met.

 FF- I've read that one of your "Band Principles" is fun. Is fun something that you feel is lacking in the modern death metal scene?

Marshall- The point of making music is for personal enjoyment.  Unless you are a pop artist with a million dollar budget and expecting a million dollar paycheck there is no other reason to make music.  REIGN OF VENGEANCE takes itself very seriously when it comes to the creation of our music and the ability to put on a technically sound live show.  When we as individuals stop enjoying what we are doing then there will be no reason to continue. Death Metal does not get the bills paid, it is that simple.  

FF- I noticed you guys are on Brain Damage Music, are you all big horror fans?

Marshall- Yes, that is why we are signed with Brain Damage Films/Music.  BrainDamage Films is the world's largest distributor of horror movies and as THE horror movie death metal band we figured the alliance was perfect.  Having also helped launch countless very well known bands with their "Traces ofDeath" soundtrack REIGN OF VENGEANCE knew that Brain Damage Films/Music would be able to effectively assist in getting the band's goals met.

FF- What are some of your favorite horror flicks?

Marshall- I could go on for hours... Instead, I'll give you some must see and easily obtained mainstream horror films/movies in different sub genres.  There is a lot of really bad horror out there but you cannot go wrong with the listbelow.
Comedy Horror- "Dead Alive"
Shockumentary- "Traces of Death"
Show-  "Masters of Horror"
Exploitative-  "Cannibal Holocaust" 
Realistic and Disturbing-  "The Girl Next Door"
Old School but Updated (much like the music of REIGN OF VENGEANCE)-"Hatchet"
Supernatural-  "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch Project 2"

FF- Any final thoughts?

Marshall-  No. That is efficient.

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