Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bones- Bones

First things first, holy shit! Bones is from Chicago and they are raw as hell. Fans of black/thrash veterans Usurper may notice that this dirty trio is made up completely of members of the now defunct group. Don't go into this album expected a carbon copy of their past work. While some comparisons can be made it is clear when listening that Bones is a very different beast.

This album kicks off immediately and grabs you by the balls and doesn't loosen its grip until you can't take anymore. This isn't just typical death metal it is a melting pot of heaviness. They deliver their music with punk attitude, thrash your brains out and have some crust elements, they are doomy at times and on top of that they are drenched in sludge. Sounds like everything you could want in an album? If so forget about reading the rest of this and just listen to it.

The production for this album is booming and the guitars just roar. The guitar tone is the definition of heavy. The album runs off pure adrenaline and simple riffs that simply tear the listener to shreds. Imagine a concoction of Motorhead, Toxic Holocaust (Evil Never Dies era), and some old school Master thrown in for good measure and you'd have a general idea of what Bones is all about. This is the perfect example of no holds barred metal. There is no comfort zone to be found. Many death metal bands have the ability to be "heavy" but Bones takes it a step further with their brand of aggressive, sickening grime, by incorporating all of the energy humanly possible in this blast of fury.

Though for the most part Bones runs strictly off brute force, when they slow things down and do more riff driven tracks the outcome is just as good.  Necromancer's vocals have that uncontrolled sound. There isn't a huge amount of variation but considering none of the vocals have that generic "fabricated" sound it shouldn't bug anyone in the slightest. He delivers his harsh vocals with a great amount of power and anger. In the end all of the elements featured on this album mesh together perfectly and form the ultimate fit of death metal rage.

Overall Bones rips a solid portion of the competition to bits. This really is a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the newer death metal bands coming out, they're just here to tear you a new asshole and then leave you there to bleed out. By the end of this album your ears will hate you forever and fear the next time you bring headphones near them. This is the sickest debut of the year thus far, if you don't check this one out you will become the laughingstock of the metal community. Get on it.

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