Monday, July 18, 2011

Odinfist- We Are Gods

Odinfist is a four piece power/thrash metal band. They formed back in 2006 and have since released two full-lengths and two EPs. We Are Gods is their second full-length and the band shows some serious promise. Their brand of thrashy power metal isn't quite perfected but they are on the right route. The first thing that sticks out when the album starts is the energy. They capture the old school sound better than most of the competition without a doubt. Obviously there are a few more modern sounding things involved in Odinfist's sound but overall that throwback vibe is always there.

While the music is energetic it never really comes across as "heavy" so to speak. This may be because the guitar tone doesn't pack much of a punch. The album is mainly riff and hook based. In addition to this there is also a vast amount of odd melodies incorporated in sections that at times makes things seem a bit scatterbrained. This may turn many people off at first (as it did with me) but after a few listens these moments grew on me and actually is one of the few things that separates Odinfist from the mass amount of bands that are playing a similar style. The solos featured here melt faces as expected with a band like this. At times the solos seem a tad sloppy but it is never enough to ruin said solo.

The vocals are a healthy mix of clean and harsh, there is a wide range of different styles used and it really keeps the listening experience as fresh as possible. It is amazing that so many vocal approaches could be used on one record and still coming across relatively cohesive. The delivery for the most part is extremely catchy and is the type could imagine a crowd chanting along to.

Overall We Are Gods is a fun ride. The band is clearly having a good time with their music and it comes across when listening. Coming from someone who normally doesn't dig power metal much, this is a solid album. I feel that if they expand on the positive things displayed on this album they could release something superb. Whether you are a thrash fan, a power metal fan, or just a fan of metal in general this one is worth a few listens.

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