Friday, July 22, 2011

Reign Of Vengeance- Disemboweling Swine

Reign of Vengeance brings the chaos with Disemboweling Swine. The band formed back in 2005 and released an EP in 2007. This is their first full-length and it is clear with song titles like "A Massacre Of Mormons" and a cover displaying an officer of the law being robbed of his insides that the band isn't out to make any friends. On top of all that it is released by Brain Damage Music, so,  needless to say this album is a big slab of horrifying brutal death metal. 

Reign of Vengeance music is very complex and technical without a doubt. They don't take it too far like many other bands out today though. They still keep their focus on creating a solid song and not just writing a series of crazy, over the top tapping moments. It can at times be chaotic but it is always very calculated and done with a major amount of precision. The tone works wonders and can be crushing when needed but also very sharp and clear. The solos featured on the album are always highlights. Gibbons can set the frets on fire and he makes it very clear with this release.

Not only does this album feature some great guitar playing, the bass also shines throughout. This is to be expected when you have Nick Schendzielos (of Cephalic Carnage) plucking away. The majority of the tracks wouldn't be nearly as interesting without some of the basslines that are scattered throughout. For the most part the tracks are short and to the point (the longest is 4:14). Even the tracks that break four minutes fly by and the album flows incredibly well. This is one of the rare albums that can be listened to start to finish over and over again without growing old.

There are a slew of different vocal styles used throughout the album. This really adds to the intensity. As does the drumming, the kit is constantly being pummeled throughout and it gives off a very unrelenting feeling when listening. Some of the more tame tracks here are also excellent as well, the first one that comes to mind is "A Tradition Of Bloodshed" which, when compared to the rest of the album is much more traditional. These tracks focus more on crushing the listener rather than melting what is left of their brain. Overall they really help the album flow better and are infectious as hell.

Overall Reign of Vengeance is definitely worth a look. The band is clearly made up of badass musicians and there is not one dull moment on the record. This may not be anything extremely innovative but they do what they do well and fans of the style will enjoy. Any fans of Cephalic Carnage and similar bands should find something worthwhile here. Check it out.

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