Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Imperial Savagery- Imperial Savagery

Imperial Savagery is a nasty death metal band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. The members are no stranger to the genre given their past experience in bands like CorpseVomit, Lividity, Enmortem, and that is just scratching the surface. Not to mention a few of the members also being involved in the stellar aural onslaught that is Sons of Famine. This is one hell of a debut to say the least, it clocks in at under thirty minutes and packs more of a punch than some bands manage in their entire discography. 

The hellish opening sounds featured on "Faithless Emptiness" sum up the descent the listener is in for perfectly. The instrumental aspect of the album feels as though it could completely derail at any point and it truly gives the entire listening experience a disorienting vibe and a constant anticipation of how the band will strike next. This is something that very few death metal acts of today can pull off without it coming out sounding forced. Dalzell's vocal delivery is insanely powerful and meshes all too well with the musical assault. The level of hatred coming from the man's vocal chords cannot be ignored.  Each member plays their part equally in making Imperial Savagery the untamable beast that it is. 

Although only two out of ten tracks break past the three minute mark they all play out to their full potential. The band wastes no time on filler and within the first thirty seconds of each song you're already feeling bludgeoned beyond the point of repair. The riffs delivered from start to finish are jarring and couldn't be crafted anymore skillfully to drive home the lyrical content. Rhythmically as a whole the album is nothing short of whiplash inducing. It delves into a level of extremity that is seldom seen and doesn't give even the slightest hint of letting up throughout the entire runtime.

Overall Imperial Savagery's debut is a superb chunk of no bullshit, blasphemous death metal. These guys deserve so much more attention than they've garnered since this albums release in 2014. From start to finish this album is going to have your headbanging harder than it has ever banged before. I highly recommend anyone into extreme metal in general to give this a spin. I'd say there's a pretty strong chance that most of you will be hooked the way I am. This is without a doubt a band to keep an eye on. Also if you get a chance to catch them live don't miss it. On stage these vets were even more crushing. DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD? IF SO YOU WILL NOT FOR LONG!

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