Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fin- The Furrows of Tradition

Chicago black metallers Fin have been quite busy since their formation in 2011. Having dropped a full length every year since 2013 the band managed to find their very distinct sound at a rapid pace. Their 2014 effort Refutable Arts of the Noble Reserve easily earned its spot as one of the highlights in metal for that year and The Furrows of Tradition continued that tradition for 2015. The band also dwindled down to a duo with this release and after comparing the final product it's clear that this decision was for the best.

The Furrows of Tradition kicks right off with a flurry of barbaric melodies. From this point on the band provides very little breathing room and tramples over the listener in the most satisfying way possible. As opposed to the previous full length this one comes across with quite a bit more bite considering the relentless barrage of masterful fretwork and kit abuse. That's not to say the previous effort didn't have these attributes but it's clear when listening that Fin is tapping into their potential and becoming more and more focused and refined in the songwriting process with each release.

Tracks like "A Final Shots Report" and "Arrogance... A Bridge to Fall" drive home the warlike atmosphere intended with undeniable accuracy. The triumphant melodies spread throughout are backed by distant, tortured shrieks that will surely make you want to go out and pillage your neighborhood. All these factors make for a listening experience just as uplifting as it is pummeling. This also makes the album a good entry point for people looking to get into black metal. While The Furrows of Tradition does have a barbaric stride it isn't as nasty sounding or menacing as many of their peers. The band's incorporation of infectious melodies are attention grabbing enough to allow the musical merit to shine through even to those not into extreme music.

The Furrows of Tradition should be considered essential listening for all black metal fans. Fin has a truly unique sound and this album marks the beginning of it becoming fully realized. The album clocks in at over 50 minutes and it flies by with every listen and leaves you craving more. It's clear that this duo has a classic in them and they are on the brink of putting it together. This effort is near perfection as is and I can only foresee things getting better from here. Check out Fin, you'll feel pretty victorious after doing so.

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