Monday, January 12, 2015

Dry Bones Review

"To Survive the Night, Don't Look Under the Bed!"

Dry Bones is a new horror comedy directed by Greg Lamberson and Michael O'Hear. Many of you may be familiar with Gregory Lamberson from the legendary Slime City series. The film sports a pretty nice B-movie cast featuring Debbie Rochon and Michael O'Hear. When Drew was a child he was haunted by a monster living underneath his bed. He would bug his abusive father and pushover mother constantly throughout the night. One day his dad arrives in the room and locks the door to give Drew a good ol' fashioned ass whoopin' only to discover that the monster Drew speaks of is real. It's too late for Drew's father as we watch him get sucked under the bed and sucked dry down to the bone!

Years later Drew is back in town to fix up and sell his childhood home. After years of psychiatrists doping him up and telling him it was all his imagination Drew is all too comfortable with the idea. It's not until a few nights of staying in the house that he comes to the realization that this couldn't be further from the truth. All hell breaks loose when Drew discovers that it is a succubus that is living beneath the bed. The succubus begins sucking anyone dry that steps foot it Drew's house and it's beginning to seem like he's the prime suspect for all the missing people. 

The acting in Dry Bones is actually pretty damn good for low budget fare. This really helps out the comedy bits sprinkled throughout the film. The bit concerning how popular Drew's sister is around town never gets old. Even the locksmith wants a piece of that! Given Lamberson's history with the Slime City flicks most fans would expect this film to be loaded down with goo. Surprisingly this is not the case with Dry Bones. The film is actually a very funny, enjoyable romp on classic 80's horror flicks. There is little blood or goo to be found here but plenty of fun nonetheless. That being said there is one particularly great scene involving breast milk that would have Takashi Miike's mouth watering without a doubt. The creature effects on the succubus are top notch in that great old school campy way. 

Overall Dry Bones is a damn fine time for those into low budget horror. There's really nothing to complain about with this one. I'm sure plenty would argue that the film could use some more gore but it honestly functions just as well without it. This is perfect proof that Lamberson hasn't lost his touch with the horror genre. Luckily for us fans it is also appears that he has two other features in the works (one armed with the classy title "Killer Rack"). So any of you who have been down about the state of horror lately, just know there is a pair of murderous boobs headed your way to save the day. I'd say horror fans should give this one a watch. Especially those of you big on the classic tongue in cheek horror of the 80's. GET IT.

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