Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dead Nude Girls


Dead Nude Girls is the latest sleazefest from low budget extraordinaire Ryan Nicholson (Gutterballs, Hanger). Ryan Nicholson has had a very strong run of films since the beginning of his career. His directorial debut Torched delivers as one of the most grim rape revenge depictions in cinemas history. It holds the title of first movie that ever made me reach for the pause button out of pure disgust.

Needless to say I've followed his career for a very long time now and out of all his films there has yet to be a real dud. I still hold Gutterballs as his crowning achievement but I can't say Torched, Hanger, and Bleading lady are far behind. There's a really nicely done throwback feel to all of his movies and he is without a doubt one of the best in the low budget circuit at capturing that feeling without it seeming forced. Dead Nude Girls has been widely mentioned as a step deeper into the depravity of his past films. The flick is essentially an anthology of three tales of female degradation, crotch mutilation, and a little pee for good measure.

Story one kicks off with Ryan Nicholson playing a madman who just wants people to be polite. After he stumbles upon two young women who won't let him pitch a tent with them he gets very angry. Later that night he drugs the two women and takes them back to his place for some good ol' fashioned vagina woundin'. This segment is extremely strange. We get some nice Casio keyboard sounding dance music to compliment blood squirting from crotches. Picture all this spread out into a much longer scene than you would expect and you have quite the disorienting experience on your hands.

After that sleazed up bundle of joy we go into the second section titled "Golden Shower". I wonder what this will consist of? Our beloved madman Ryan Nicholson is interviewing a caretaker in pretty hilarious fashion. Everybody knows that caretakers should do spongebaths naked. I mean, c'mon, the elderly need something to look forward to! Ryan okays the caretaker to come into the other room with him. The conversation goes like this;

Caretaker: (looks in disgust) What the fuck is going on here?!?
Madman: THIS BITCH!!!!
And then what I can only imagine is piss gets thrown in her face in hilarious fashion (sadly I realized on second viewing it was in fact tea, not pee but I am going to continue to imagine it as pee because it is much funnier that way). Now this is my kind of party. Soon the victim is tied up dangling over the bath tub. It can only be assumed that things are going to get quite messy since our killer didn't mind all the vaginal blood on his floor in the first segment. Torture occurs for a little bit and then we have a bloodied victim in the tub. How will she ever get clean again?! Of course, the blood will wash right off with the help of a little urine. The madman begins to pee all over her and we get possibly the best moment of the film. The camera cuts briefly to Ryan's cat, who clearly, is not okay with his antics. The cat's face screams "What the fuck man? Seriously?". Comedy gold in the form of golden showers indeed.

"RUMP ROAST" is the third tale where Ryan picks up some ladies off of the streets. More of the same occurs in similar fashion to the first two portions of the film. Filled with sleaze and depravity all three stories are sure to please all of you sick bastards out there. It's interesting to see Ryan Nicholson tackling the lead role in the film. He actually does a pretty damn good job executing the crazed maniac role. He sports a sick sense of humor, which is especially notable in the scene where he interviews the caretaker. The gore effects here are top notch, as with any Nicholson fare. There are plenty of great effects to found here, although most of them stick to a specific part of the body.

Overall Dead Nude Girls is an interesting experience to say the very least. I can't say I loved it, I can't say I hated it. While I found the film to be hilarious at times I'm not sure if it was intended to be that way or if I am just a very, very sick individual. The cat cut has me leaning towards the prior. Nearly everything Ryan Nicholson has done prior has that signature dark humor intertwined with the fucked up factor. Other sites seem to think that this one is completely drained of that and I would have to disagree wholeheartedly. Is it a little more on the depraved side? Yes. With that being said though even the most downright mean moments in this film have a very strange, warped, tainted sense of humor to them. I can't really recommend Dead Nude Girls to everybody out there. Reading the review should give you some sort of idea of whether this will be up your alley or not. If you enjoy flicks drenched in various bodily fluids you'll more than likely enjoy. Fans of pseudo snuff may also be interested as it does have a similar tone to other flicks within that style. I thoroughly enjoyed the film even if it was possibly for all the wrong reasons. Sickos should give this a watch.

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