Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thirst Of Revenge- Annihilation Of Races

Thirst Of Revenge is a one man brutal death metal band from Spain. Some may be familiar with Carlos Mejias from the first two Human Mincer albums (on which he took on vocal duties). This is the second Thirst Of Revenge full-length since the projects inception back in 2006. Originally in 1999, the project was named Cerebral Torture but due to the other band Carlos was involved with no material ever surfaced. The album clocks in at around thirty minutes. Ultimately the perfect runtime for a brutal death metal album.

Essentially Annihilation Of Races is a concept album about the end of the world, or the human race that is. The story basically opens up with some mysterious sightings and it becomes evident the aliens are among us. They visit and begin experimenting on humans. Eventually they find a way to blend their blood with ours and form a hybrid alien to wipe-out the human race whilst going undetected to the untrained eye. The lyrics are very simple but the concept comes across well and it actually makes for an interesting story. Considering the fact that these lyrics were translated to English for the album it is fairly surprising that nothing got lost in translation.

The pace of the album is very fast for the most part. This makes certain sections start to blend together at times. Luckily this doesn't happen often enough to be a large detriment to the albums overall replay value. The riffs don't really come off as memorable but they have impact while listening. Tremolo riffs are dished out in large amounts along with pummeling grooves. Nothing overly technical but it is far from a constant chug-fest.

The vocals mainly consist of gutturals. An occasional scream in thrown in the mix to spice things up a bit, but the vocal approach is extremely primitive all around. The drum machine works much better on this release than it has in the past. They sound more convincing all around. On the previous EP they were far too high in the mix and almost made it a chore to listen to. Here, while they are still fast and intense they fade more into the background and it is easy to focus on the other aspects of the music.

Overall Annihilation Of Races is a decent record. There isn't really anything groundbreaking going on here but it is enough to keep ones interest. In terms of more recent brutal death metal releases this one falls somewhere near the top of the stack. There is plenty of room here for improvement, but considering the endless number of low rent, one man brutal death bands out there this is quite the breath of fresh air. Brutal death fans should give this one a listen, you're going to get what you expect. No frills, barbaric one man blasting brutality.

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