Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Amputation Spree- Three/Inferno EP

Amputation Spree is a one man brutal death metal band from North Carolina. We've covered all this projects releases in the past and have heard them grow consistently over such a short period of time. Having only been around since 2010 this marks their third EP and they even managed to squeeze a split in between all of that. Even though it seems just like a blink of an eye since their last EP, the material here does not falter in anyway. In fact, it does quite the opposite.

With each release Amputation Spree's sound seems to get more epic. This EP is no different, it takes everything heard previously on Terminal Velocity and takes it to a completely new level. The tracks here just seem more focused overall. The way they are written just seems to flow much more naturally than on previous releases. The brutality the project has had in the past is still in attendance. "The Whore of Babylon" has a section that slams your brain to mush, reinstating that the music hasn't been watered down, it has just evolved. Every track actually features a moment like this, it is made certain that Amputation Spree hasn't completely abandoned it's roots.

The experimentation gets taken a couple steps further on the track "The Age of Reason". It all starts out normal, blasting your eardrums senseless for the first thirty seconds or so, and then out of nowhere things stop and everything changes so rapidly it is almost hard to digest at first. The song bounces back and forth quite a bit and never really sticks to one thing for too long. Showing off some electronic experimentation this track is definitely the most interesting of the bunch. It is clear when listening to this that if Amputation Spree ever had a comfort zone in the first place it is long gone at this point.

"Messiah" has such a gigantic sound. Built around an extremely simple structure it is honestly surprising how well this seven minute track holds up. Hands down the heaviest track that Amputation Spree has putout thus far and possibly the most infectious. This track also brings to my attention how well the drum programming works for this release. Typically if something doesn't feature a live drummer it gets on my nerves after a few listens. With that being said, in this EP's case it may actually work as a positive thing. The robotic feeling the drums give off works almost perfectly with the sound created on this release.

Overall Three/Inferno displays Amputation Spree making all the right moves. Continuing to build on the solid foundation of previous efforts there is absolutely nothing to complain about here. The sound on this EP may be an extremely different animal when compared to what we heard on Addicted to Beheading Children, but if you dig deep enough some elements are still intact. Fans of brutal death metal that aren't afraid of a little experimentation being thrown in the mix NEED this. Even those who don't typically journey into the world of slam will find this EP to be an intriguing listen to say the least. Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed.

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