Saturday, January 12, 2013

Caleb's Door

"Some doors were not meant to be opened"

Caleb's Door is Arthur Vincie's feature film debut. The film is a horror/drama about a ex-marine who is having some serious dream issues. Along with this he is having a boatload of personal problems dumped on him at once. Lady problems, work problems, the usual. He is having a bit of writer's block and upon drifting off into snoozeland he is always greeted with a red door. These dreams start to get stronger and stronger until Caleb realizes he must confront what is behind the door to move onto the next step in his life.

First things first, the story itself was rather interesting. Unfortunately the execution lacks by quite a bit and makes the film hard to watch. The acting is mediocre at best, the violence is practically nonexistent, the music completely pulls you out, and the story is just lacking anything worthy of warranting an 82 minute runtime. As a short this film may have worked, but with this link it just drags on and on.

Overall I can't recommend Caleb's Door. It almost seems like a soap opera attempting to push a story that could classify as "horror". It's a film high on drama and low on interest. This might fit in well with some of the movies played on the Lifetime channel but in the ol' horror collection it just doesn't fly. Those who read this site are aware that I am a HUGE fan of low budget film, but there a some things that even I can't find much quality in. This is one of those things. Sadly there isn't much to say about Caleb's Door. It had a solid idea going behind it but no steam to move it forward. Skip it.

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